Drinking Water Pressure Regulator for Doulton water filters. Copyright © 1997 H2O International Inc. All rights reserved.PR4004 Pressure Regulator.- This is an adjustable heavy duty pressure regulator which may be installed directly into the outlet of the saddle valve (as shown) or plumbed down stream from the saddle valve.

Application: Anywhere the supply water pressure exceeds 60 PSI. Many cities have had to increase their water pressure to ensure sufficient supply volume to Fire Fighters.  This increased pressure is not only a risk to the physical plumbing connections in your home but also reduces the effectiveness of your water filtration devices by increasing the flow rate of the water and subsequently reducing the contact time the water has with your filtration media.  For Doulton Ceramic Filters, reducing the water pressure means the life of the Ceramic is extended as micron particulates are not driven as deep into the candle wall by the water pressure. The removal/reduction of all contaminants is also improved as the flow rate is maintained at <.5 GPM which ensures sufficient contact time with the media for maximum rejection of contaminants.



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Copyright © 1997 H2O International Inc. All rights reserved.