JGANST - Cold Water Supply Line "T" with a John Guest Ball Valve Shut Off and Push Fit 3/8 inch hose fitting for Undercounter Doulton Water Filters and other manufactures.

This is a food grade water shut off valve which is activated by turning the handle 90 degrees to the output hose for "OFF" and in-line with the hose for "ON". This fitting may be connected directly between the cold water supply shut off valve and the hose feeding the cold water tap.

John Guest fittings require no tools to service. The hose tubing is simply pushed into the fitting and then a slight firm "tug" is used to seat the hose into the internal seal. To remove the hose, the collar of the fitting is held in and the hose is gently slid out.


Technical Specifications:
Max. 150 psi @ 75 F - Max. 10 Bar at 20 C
Max. 60 psi @ 140 F - Max. 4 Bar at 60 C
Min. 33 F - 1 C


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