HCS101 Stainless Steel Counter Top Doulton Water Filter with Ultracarb Doulton Ceramic Water Filter Cartridge DV3003 - W2391068 Diverter Valve for HCS101 - W9331208 Countertop Stainless Steel Doulton Water Filter


HCS101- W9331208
Counter Top Stainless Steel
Doulton Water Filter
DV3003 - W2391068 Diverter Valve for HCS101 - W9331208 Countertop Stainless Steel Doulton Water Filter

Basic Doulton Water Filter System for Rural or City

The HCS101 is an in-line Doulton water filter pressure system manufactured from Stainless Steel. The housing is fitted into a free standing base for counter top use. It is readily attached to an existing cold water faucet via a bi-directional diverter valve and a length of flexible duplex tubing (supplied). This unit requires no permanent modifications to be attached to a kitchen or bathroom faucet. The diverter valve allows filtered or unfiltered water to be drawn from the existing faucet at the press of a button. A Doulton Ceramic Drinking Water Filter cartridge; CU1200 - 3 stage UltraCarb is the only recommended cartridge for single element systems.

To clean or replace the internal CU1200 ceramic cartridge the "sump" (cylinder) is unscrewed counterclockwise. There is no need to remove the system from the faucet during this procedure. The sump is pressure sealed with an "O" ring, therefore no tools are required to tighten the sump into place. Hand pressure is sufficient. Flow rate is .5GPM@30PSI. For detailed installation and service instructions please refer to the Installation and Users Guide

HCS101 - Application Guide and Contaminant Removal Chart
CU1200 Doulton Water Filter UltraCarb Ceramic Element

P= Purification. R= Reduction> 95%. F= Effective Filtration

    Rated Life: CU1200-600 Imperial Gallons (stand alone)
Bacteria P General Description -

Application: This system is designed as the minimum standard for homes fed by well, surface or Chlorinated
CU1200 - W9123053 Ultracarb Ceramic Candle Doulton Water Filter Municipal water and constructed with soldered copper plumbing, galvanized, PVC, or black iron plumbing. This system is also effective for homes which are fed by lead lined or asbestos concrete reinforced water supply mains in their city.

This Counter Top system provides 100% rejection of bacteria, cysts and effective depth filtration of particulate >.5 micron. It is easily cleaned and requires no tools to service. The 600 gallon (720 G/US) rating is to ensure that the internal extruded carbon core and Zeolite ion reduction medium remains effective under the worst possible contaminant conditions.


Though not reaching purification standards, this system still produces outstanding rejection of Chlorine (>97%) and Lead (>97%) at its rated life of 600 gallons. Both of these statistics exceed the NSF certification requirements under NSF International Standard 53.

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Cysts P
Taste F
Odors F
Colour F
Chlorine R
Herbicides R
Pesticides R
Lead R
Metals F
Fluoride NA
Nitrates NA
Arsenic NA

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