H2O International Inc. - Taking Doulton Beyond Filtration

H20 Cartridges Basic Description:

All H2O International Cartridges are fitted with a top threaded, short mount (3/4"), designed to screw into the HCP/HIP series of filters. They are engineered to work with cold, bacteria free water between 5-60 PSI, with a maximum flow rate of .6 Imp GPM.

If you have a specific water concern which is not addressed by one of these cartridges then please Email us or call our North American Technical Support Line 1-800-439-1671

We can, and do, custom design cartridges to fit any problem!!

Part# Description Purpose Life
CM1500 Carbon Matrix High Volume Organic (VOC) Reduction 1000 Imp Gal
CR2500 Two Stage Blended Carbons and Resins General Purpose Organic (VOC) Reduction with Heavy Metal and Lead Capability 600 Imp Gal
AR3000 Blended Resins Standard Volume Dedicated to Arsenic Reduction 600 Imp Gal
NI3200 Blended Resins Standard Volume Dedicated to Nitrate Reduction 600 Imp Gal
FL3500 Brimax Blended Carbons Standard Volume Dedicated to Fluoride Reduction 600 Imp Gal

As these are not "Stand Alone" Cartridges performance specifications are not given individually. For System Performance Specifications please refer to the "System" that uses these cartridges:

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