F-FM02 Long Neck Drinking Water Faucet from H2O International Inc for use with Doulton Water FiltersF-FM02 Long Neck Faucet - Brass and Chrome design. Highly polished with two position level. Spring loaded "up" for hands off "full on" flow and a graduated "down" for instant off with volume control. Comes complete with a "push-fit" quick release 3/8 hose adapter. Flow rate of approx .6 GPM @30 PSI. See also F-FM01

Doulton Drinking Water Filter Treatment Systems Product Catalog. Includes water purification and drinking water filter systems which use cleanable Doulton ceramic drinking water filter candles and H2O International Inc. drinking water filter cartridges
For more information on health hazards such as chlorine and other drinking water contaminants please read through our "Health Topics" pages or review many of the information sites listed on our research page.

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