Carbon Water Filter Cartridge for Big White Whole House Water Filter System housingsCM2005 - 20 inch Long Life Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridge for Point of Entry (POE) "Whole House", large volume water filtration

These POE whole house water filters, using activated carbon block water filter media as their inner core are outstanding large volume chlorine and volatile organic contaminant (VOC) water filters. These cartridges fit "Big White" 20 inch water filter housings BWH-20.

Rated for:
45,000 US Gallons
36,000 Imperial Gallons
164,000 Litres
This life rating is against 2ppm chlorine @ greater than 90% reduction @ 2 US gallons per minute (gpm) flow rate.

Caution: These cartridges must be used after Doulton Ceramic Water Filter candles  or some other sub-micron filtration system when used on rural water supplies. Rural water supplies cannot always be guaranteed to be bacteria, cyst or cryptosporidium free.  Outbreaks of E-Coli have made national headlines due to the large number of deaths involved. Doulton Ceramic water filter cartridges are self sterilizing and provide bacteria and cyst protection for rural and city water supplies.

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