ssmini stainless steel doulton CERAMIC drinking water filter for portable drinking water during hiking or campingSSMINI - 1 Quart Stainless Steel Gravity Doulton Water Filtration System Doulton Ceramic Water Filter Candle CS0700 mounted inside an SSMINI Gravity Fed Water Filter for hiking, camping emergency water purification use

Unit supplied with one (1) 6.5 inch CS0650 Self Sterilizing Super Sterasyl Doulton Ceramic Water Filter Candle. This candle has the same specifications as the CS0700.

Gravity fed Doulton water filter / water purifier which use cleanable Doulton Ceramic Water Filter candles are excellent for hiking, camping, lake or river boat traveling or as an emergency drinking water filter or emergency water treatment system. Doulton ceramic candles are certified for bacteria, cysts, Cryptosporidium and Giardia. See the performance specification table which accompanies the CS0700 Doulton Ceramic Water Filter Candle and the Doulton Water Filter Test Results.

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